Date: April 10, 2008
The State Hornet

'Lovers and Leaders' emotionally captivating
by Adina Zerwig

If you're the type of person who loves to brood over your preferred metaphysical angst, write about it in your journal, rinse and repeat, then indie artist Sacha Sacket's latest album, Lovers and Leaders, is perfect for your emotional soundtrack.

Lovers and Leaders isn't your typical emo album however. Sacket delivers an intoxicating and sophisticated take on alternative music despite its slightly depressing feel. Sacket adds an intellectual depth that many mainstream artists lack.

Sacket's truly melodic and dulcet tones are what capture his listeners. Lovers and Leaders showcases his talents as a vocalist as well as a skilled pianist. Sacket is not without talented backup musicians, who interestingly enough are composed of all women.

Sacket's sound is similar to Coldplay, and his honest, poetic lyrics sound like he has been swapping notes with Damien Rice. Sacket said the inspiration for his lyrics comes from the experiences in his life which "scare and challenge" him. Lovers and Leaders is Sacket's third album. He said the process of creating the album almost killed him with exhaustion.

The album, he said, is about the struggle to find a balance between a life lived for power, or personal accomplishments, and a life that strives for love. Sacket said he has not reached that balance in his personal life, and that tension is reflected in his music.

"My lyrics are deeply personal. They are things I wouldn't necessarily say to someone in person, but I share with the world," Sacket said.

Sacket said he began writing when he was commissioned to create a song for his high school's production of "Twelfth Night." Sacket said he saw writing lyrics as a new challenge and immediately fell in love with it.

"(Writing music) just never ended. I'm always writing something," he said.

"Hallowed" deals with his complicated, but important, relationship with his father, he explained. The song is as painful as it is expressively beautiful. He is able to translate the sound of raw emotion into melody.

Although much of his lyrics are pulled out of his personal experiences Sacket said that not all the songs on the album are about him. "Judy," my personal favorite, has very beautiful, melancholy lyrics enabling Sacket to capture the vulnerability of the woman he sings about. Its lullaby sound and Sacket's amazing voice make it a very relaxing song.

The only song that I didn't like on Lovers and Leaders is "Brandon Boyd." The song is named after the lead singer of Incubus and has somewhat of a satirical theme. It didn't seem to fit in with Sacket's many powerful songs however. Starting out with: "We are the cool kids \ we wear the cool clothes \ we kick your face in if you mess with us" is a little over the top. I understand the concept: High school sucked, but the song ends up becoming more of a whiny ballad than an anthem for the outsiders. The song ends with Pony Boy crooning "Braaandon Braaandon Boyd;" again, too much. According to his website, Sacket went to high school with Boyd. Besides "Brandon Boyd" every other song is worth listening to all the way through.

Sacha Sacket is an indie musician to keep your eye on. Lovers and Leaders has what it takes to become a hit album; it's just good music. Sacha Sacket will be performing free at Sacramento State at 7 p.m. on Tuesday at the University Union Serna Plaza.

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