Date: March 29, 2007
The Communique

Music as an expression (Music Review)
by Della Hofmeister

Students passing through Sammy's Kafe on March 21 may have heard the sounds of Sacha Sacket resonating through the halls. A native of Los Angeles, the rising musician played songs from his second album, Shadowed and his soon to be released recording entitled Lovers and Leaders. His cover song, "Judy" opened the set and made many walking through the cafe stop to listen.

It was easy to tell that the music is what matters most to Sacket. But the depth of his songs led to a deep sense of struggle, perhaps due to the fact that he has been labeled in some interviews as an openly gay musician.

"I am not anything first before I am a musician," he said. "I am a musician first. Most people don't care, or don't know and on a lot of levels that is fine with me. If anything, with time, I have grown more and more comfortable with it. To me now it is not even an issue, it is part of who I am."

Sacket said his goal is to relate to everybody through his songs. He added that he likes playing the college venue because "college kids get what I do, more than maybe other people."

The reaction from the crowd seemed to support that. It was clear that his music was well received, with many lingering to hear just one more song before their next class. Brandon Breitbach, Liberal Arts major, said, "He is good," and added that Sacket's style reminded him of old time piano players.

But whether or not the music moved everyone, it was clear that Sacket's voice and style was strong enough to leave many in the cafeteria quietly awe-struck by his music. Though he may just be another "crazy musician," as Sacket himself said at the closing of his song "The Prodigal," he is one that will have a lasting impression.

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