Date: October 02, 2007
The Celebrity Cafe

Sacha Sacket - Lovers and Leaders

California’s Sacha Sacket drops his third album, Lovers and Leaders, in a time where inspired music is a hard thing to find in the mainstream. Released on the indie label Golden Sphinx Records, Sacket combines piano driven alternative/pop with lyrics that paint a picture for every song. Sacket’s diverse background is sure to be a large influence; he was born in Iran and moved to California as a toddler. His family settled in the San Fernando Valley, and several of his classmates, including Brandon Boyd, have made it to the music big leagues.

The lead off single, "Judy (For Shame)," explores a friend’s obsessive compulsive disorder in an honest and emotional way. "Stay" brings an ethereal vibe to match Sacket’s piano perfection, while the vocals smoothly run over the music. "Maybe You Can Save Me (From You)" is VH1 ready, a well produced pop ballad that is deep enough to catch your attention. "Time To Go" is the standout track, stripped down to Sacket’s vocals and piano work, bringing sadness and darkness together into an emotionally beautiful melody. Lovers and Leaders is sure to make a hit among old fans and new.

Reviewer: Jenna Horan

Reviewer's Rating: 8
Reader's Rating: 10.00
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