Date: March 31, 2007
The Campus (Allegheny College)

Sing It Again, Sacha
by Lauren Marsh

Allegheny could not get enough of Sacha Sacket when he performed last year, so he's flying across the country again, just for us.

AGP first brought Sacket to perform last spring, where he played an open show in the middle of the Campus Center. Meadville was one of many stops he made during a nation-wide tour that took him by car from his home in Los Angeles all the way out to the east coast.

This year, he's touring in Iowa, Virginia, and New York, but he is flying from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania in the middle of his tour to perform for Allegheny again.

"We had a great turnout (last year)... it was a great show." Sacket said when asked what made him go out of his way to come back to Allegheny.

He also commented on how beautiful he thought the campus was and how much he enjoyed the atmosphere of the school.

The singer/songwriter has compared his music to Coldplay and Damien Rice and says it has a romantic, classic feel to it. He combines the traditional sound of piano music with the use of electronic synthesizers, giving his music a unique and modern touch.

Though Sacket was a film major in college, music has always been his passion. After finishing college, he decided to get more into music and go on tour, and he hasn't looked back since.

"I always wanted to go into music," he said. "I just never thought I could do it."

Since he started touring, he has played at over 100 college campuses and his music has been playing on over 150 independent independent and college radio stations. His third album, Lovers and Leaders, will be released later this spring.

AGP is equally thrilled for Sacket to return to Allegheny.

"We are excited to have Sacha back again," said AGP member Mark Fisher, '08. "He was a great performer last year, and I think he will be better this time. The audience reacted well to his previous performance, so this one should be just as good."

This year, Sacket will be performing music mostly from his newest album, mixing in some of his old stuff as well. Although his third album will not be available yet, his second album will be on sale.

The performance will be held on Tuesday, March 27 at 7pm in the Campus Center Lobby and is free and open to Allegheny Students.

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