Date: November 12, 2007
Shotgun Reviews

Sacha Sacket - Lovers and Leaders

For a music critic, there isn't anything as inspiring as hearing a new artist with explosive passion and lyrics that can truly move and engage the ears. Sacha Sacket may have unintentionally produced a clever marketing gimmick with naming a song "Brandon Boyd" (the charismatic poster-boy leader of Incubus), but there's actual depth here. Boyd was a schoolmate of Sacket's, and the song works as a diary remembrance of the high school social system, when the "cool kids" have authority over everybody else. Sacket doesn't seem to be one of them; however, the lyrics are less of an attack on adolescent bullying than an objective overview of what was.

Sacket's real appeal, though, is in his voice. Sacket represents the opposite end of the alternative spectrum. In other words, he doesn't scream like an emo rocker; rather, he lets his sensitivity be expressed through rain-soaked, soulful crooning. "Judy (For Shame)" is a classy, slickly produced mix of acoustic guitars and piano and will easily win over fans of Coldplay. But I like Sacket the best when he surprises me such as on "Brandon Boyd," which opens with mood-spinning electronics until the guitars rush in like Snow Patrol on a midnight drive.

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