Date: November 2008

One haute minute with Sacha Sacket
by Josh Rotter

I noticed that your look changed drastically over the last year, from indie rock to neo-new wave. What inspired that shift?

I love trying out different things, and I'm looking to do that more and more. I'm into whatever my mood dictates and just go in that direction. In the past I've been very romantic and singer/songwriter. But I never felt that I fit that mode. I needed something darker than me dancing in flowers.

Now I gravitate toward something a little more punk. I don't embody one thing. I pick whatever clothes I like and sport it, and a little skin doesn't hurt here and there. I think I'm alternative if I think of my roots. Nirvana played a huge role in my generation. Hole was also huge when I was 15. "Live Through This" was so angry and so where I was at. It really affected me.

Should we expect to see you in a baby doll, Mary Janes and smeared eyeliner sometime soon?

I wish. One day. Maybe you'll see that on my next album cover.

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