Date: November 19, 2007
Fresno Famous

Sacha Sacket & His Band

Sacha Sacket will be performing with his all girl band Kuppajoe in Fresno on Friday December 7th at 9:45 p.m. Address: 3673 N. First, Fresno, CA

Sacket's original sound merges over 20 years of classical piano experience with his signature electronic soundscapes. "We're not quite like anything out there," says Sacket. By introducing an array of synthesizers with a very talented all girl band, Sacha injects new life into the traditional singer-songwriter medium. Sacket's impressive voice reaches into the farthest depths of his soul and conjures an emotionally exhilarating experience.

About Sacha Sacket:

Following the release of his second album Shadowed in 2004 Sacha succeeded in playing over 100 college campuses nationwide, gained airplay on over 150 independent and college radio stations across the country, including NPR stations, and does this all on his own label. His ardent fan base have resulted in thousands of CD sales and strong hits and plays on Myspace.

Sacha's new album Lovers and Leaders was released this Fall 2007. The record has already received glowing features in American Songwriter Magazine and Music Connection Magazine. He has recently been compared to Keane, Coldplay and the late Jeff Buckley. As a piano man with passion and flawless execution he is also often likened to a young Elton John. At any time Sacket can hit the high falsetto notes of Chris Martin. However he uses stylish restraint and is not afraid to put a few rough edges in his music, both sonically and lyrically. Sacket veers beyond modern singer/songwriter clichés and fearlessly ventures into electronics from acoustic pop overtones.

Sacha also starred in the independent thriller November Son to be released Spring 2008 in select theaters by Tempe Entertainment. Not only did he play the lead character but the film features a musical performance by the artist as well. For more info, please go to:,

Location: Kuppajoe, 3673 N. First St., Fresno
Starts: Fri Dec 7 2007, 11:30 pm
Ends: Sat Dec 8 2007, 12:30 am

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