Date: August 14, 2007
Cashbox Magazine

Sacha Sacket
Lovers and Leaders

Ole J.D. usually reviews other genres he's familiar with, but rarely do I screen a CD that I fell in love with from beginning to end. Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Sacha Sacket delivers a real gem on his third release Lovers and Leaders. This CD has no duds, all are first class performances, this guy can sing and play his piano based love songs with absolute perfection and beauty. These are beautiful smooth melodies and the harmony is perfect. It was so refreshing listening to a young man this and time delivering such a package of tunes. His songwriting is superb taking each love song down its individual path. I particularly love the songs "Hail" and "Judy." Both showcase Sacha's ability and talent. This young man deserves recognition from anyone who loves beautiful music. This is what we once called Easy Listening music and indeed it is. Five stars.

JDH *****

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