Date: November 16 , 2009
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My Exclusive Interview with Singer/songwriter Sacha Sacket
by Sorenna Sacket

Growing up with my brother, singer/songwriter Sacha Sacket, I've seen him develop into the amazing musician he is today. I've been there with him through all the ups, downs, and back agains in an industry that is not always welcoming, but can be incredibly rewarding. Sacha's perseverance has led him to succeed in doing what he loves most, which is music.

Playing the piano since he was 5 years-old, Sacha's music developed into a unique, acoustic alternative sound. His range of ability to create music encompasses writing his own lyrics and melodies to playing piano and singing with his highly-hypnotic voice. Sacha's talent lies in his gift to soothe listeners and whisk them away on journeys through all sorts of moods and emotions. After listening to his tunes, you'll feel like you just came out of a really good therapy session.

With four albums already on the market, Sacha never stops working. He has an EP album, Hermitage, coming out November 17th for his eagerly awaiting fans, and he is currently working on his next full album, due out in 2010. Sacha's music can be found on his website: and on iTunes. 

I thought it would be fun to let fans in on a few entertaining details about my brother: 

Hey big bro, you ready to answer some embarrassing, divulging questions? Naw, just kidding, I'll be nice. 

So Sach, you've been making music for quite awhile now, any funny stories that happened during a show that you would like to share? Any big goofs onstage?

Sacha Sacket: Well, I forget lyrics from time to time and I warble my way through. I make up whole new choruses. That's always fun though, because in a weird way, you give your subconscious reign and things can even make sense. I've had "aha" moments that way actually. When I start writing my songs, it comes from that same place. You just play and see what comes out. The most frustrating [experience] is when the sound goes out on a live show though. There is nothing you can do about it and everyone gets profoundly pissed. It happened once at a university. After the mix up and an hour of nothing getting fixed, we found a random piano in a classroom and I still gave a little show. It wasn't quite what anyone was expecting, but it did have its own special energy and still stands out as a very cool show.

You work really hard to keep in shape, but what I want to know is what food will make you really just pig out, every time you're around it? Like, you just can't resist? Granted, I don't often get to see you really pig out! Gosh, your discipline really is admirable.

SS: HaHa! Well, I definitely love food. Have a deep love affair with it really. It's kind of amazing what food fetishes I have though. Fudgesicles are the best. And, I have a definite weak spot for the fudge sundae at McDonalds. Also, anything with Oreos. It's sort of an obsession really. Dairy Queen blizzards are my kryptonite.

If you ever win an award who will be the first person you thank and why? Besides me of course...

SS: You know, I have no clue because I have an amazing support network around me with my art. There are a few people that are on top of the list, that have been through it all with me. And yeah, they will be the first people I thank.

Everyone has someone they admire or that they go totally gaga over, who would you most love to meet or hang out with most?

SS: Well, who I admire and who I would hang out with are COMPLETELY separate things. There are those people you feel you would love to get a beer with definitely. And there are others that have affected me so profoundly that I would be a nervous wreck the whole time I was with them. Who flabbergasts me? Well, Bjork, Thom Yorke, Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, Tori Amos, Banksy. Who would I like to chill with if I could? Strangely enough I feel I could actually have a great time with Barack Obama. It would be challenging because I feel so strongly about certain political issues - but it would be a fun time in my mind. Augusten Burroughs would be a blast. In fact, both of them together at a table would probably be the most interesting thing ever.

You know I've been to many shows. I must say, there are some pretty smitten fans in your audience. What's the weirdest gift you ever got from a fan?

SS: Well I hate calling anything out. The hard things to deal with are probably something from the love letter department because oftentimes it feels like it comes out of nowhere and you don't really know the person that well. I hate hurting anyone because I know exactly what that feels like myself.

Then what was the best gift from a fan?

SS: Someone got all of my albums framed and properly set to hang on my wall. They are beautiful. It's something I would not think to do for myself, but it really touched me.

What's the best advice you've ever been given? I do advise you with such great insight often, so I know this will be a hard one for you to answer.

SS: Best advice...well, "keep on going." I mean, we all fall down, we all have disappointments in life. The world is too complicated to directly respond to your personal wish-list. But I do believe the world responds in its own way, in its own time. better. Just keep working at what you love, what you believe in, and you will get there.

What are you listening to on your iPod right now?

SS: I listen to everything. Love this song called "Beijing" by Patrick Watson and one by DM Stith called "Braid of Voices." Elbow's new record keeps me good company as well as Radiohead's "In Rainbows." I use my iPod at the gym, so I definitely have my Madonna, Muse, and yes, even Lady Gaga on there.

Which one of your own songs still makes you emotional when you hear it?

SS: Honestly, they all do at different times. My songs come and go with me, they reappear almost. I rarely listen to my own stuff - that is the past for me. I am always writing new songs and that is where my focus is. But at different times, someone will play something or I will pop an old album on and I will take in the moment again. If anything, recreating them live is where I really hear the songs best. I love reinterpreting old songs and making them new again.

What are you most grateful for? Besides having such an amazing sister of course.

SS: Well, you answered it for me! My family, my loved ones.

So, tell us about your new album or what's coming up? What can us fans look forward to?

SS: Well, I am excited for my EP, Hermitage, which will be released November 17th. Can't wait because it's sort of been burning a hole in my pocket for a long while now. But I do have a full length record I am in the middle of and it will definitely be out in 2010. Hoping it's really early 2010 if everything goes according to plan.

And, lastly, what do you want to be known for or remembered by?

SS: I think that is why I make my art. In the end, that is all I have to leave behind. That is my contribution. It is part of why I love what I do so much. Art tends to last a bit longer than anything when you think about it. Whole civilizations crumble, but we still cherish their books, paintings, plays, etc. The ideas from those eras spring eternal. Our shared humanity is what binds us, and that is, in the end, what art is all about.

Well, thanks for sitting down with me. It was quite enjoyable! Love you. And hurry up with the new album. I'm dying to hear it!

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