Date: November 11 , 2007
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Sacha Sacket - Lovers and Leaders (2007, Golden Sphinx)

Forget what you think you know about indie musicians and styles, there is no bleeding heart folk artist or lo-fi media junkie to be found on Lovers and Leaders; this album is pure high quality pop. Sacha channels the dark, moody intensity of Nick Drake with the lush, unrequited (and unashamed) pop of Sarah McLachlan or Bjork.

Sacha strays a bit further into adult contemporary this time around, making his music more accessible, but perhaps, unfortunately, losing a bit of the edge that pushed his last album onto the radar. Where Shadowed was cloaked in some mystery and mystique, Lovers and Leaders finds Sacha wearing his heart on his sleeve in some of the most honest and straightforward songs of the year.

"Hail" opens up this new world, bleeding through the speakers and striking into the very heart of the listener; is it an anthem or a plea for help? No one can argue this is emotionally charged and engaging, a sharp focuse that builds up and up towards spiraling separation. Timeless enough to capture your soul, and perhaps bleed into your head.

Sacha also shows his teeth on "Brandon Boyd" (named for the lead singer of Incubus, who went to the same High School as Sacha, for those of you not in the know), one of the sharpest songs on the album, and a throw back to his debut album in terms of style. Pulling no punches when giving the commentary about cliques and the 'cool kids', this song is also as close to a full out rocker as you will ever hear on this album. Given the intensity, it is little wonder that Sacha immediately falls back into a ballad with "Maybe You Could Save Me (From You)", and recovers gracefully with the gems in "How Low" and "Jove" before bringing himself back up. It is the emotional and heavily electronic "What You Are" that drives the listener through the final two tracks and gently lays you down again.

Plant Sacha Sacket and his melodies firmly between Trespassers William and All Things Bright And Beautiful as a musician that is absolutely perfect for stormy weather, long drives and bitter heartbreak. He won't break your heart but if it is broken listening to him is a surefire way to start the healing.

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