Date: March 29, 2007

Queer Music to Watch: Sacha Sacket & Limp Wristed
by Kenyon Farrow

Lately at AfterElton we have been keeping you abreast of music by some of our most well known gay/friendly artists like Elton John, MIKA, and our favorite divas. So I wanted to point you towards some other queer artists who have new projects out or on the way that you should check out!

Sacha Sacket, a 28yr old L.A.-based singer songwriter is soon releasing his third CD, Lovers and Leaders.

"Although it's a love album, the theme is really about my battle not to succumb to it," said Sacket. "I guess I equated love with losing power, losing my goals and aspirations. I was trying to find the balance between honoring someone else and myself, whle at the same time--finding where the edges meet."

Sacket's pop sound is reminicent of Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, and Jeff Buckley.

At the other end of the queer music sound spectrum is Limp Wristed, a progressive house artist who makes music for the dancefloor (and the runway). The new single What's the T? and I'll Cut You B****, Limp Wristed will have you serving the children on the dancefloor. Limp Wristed has the camp sensibilities of RuPaul and the ferocity and edge of Kevin Aviance and Grace Jones.

With lyrics like--

"I've got my radar set to gaydar and my radar says that you are---So what's the T?"

--Limp Wristed is pure twisted.

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