Hermitage Lyrics

Running Away

On the road
it grew old
pulling rabbits
from my soul.
And I could see
on my knees
this crusade turn
into me
Running Away

The whitest lies
came to mind
And every tone
set in stone
my creations
stripped for gold,
Running Away

And when you ask which road to take
Every finger points your way
You who never could erase
The black forest in your brain
But in the twilight there were three
Sirens singing you to sleep
Pinching all your golden dreams
One for every cross you keep
And deep within their astral plane
You could see the light again
You who knew you'd lose the way
You who sprints to stay the same
Running Away



And it's more than you can take
So don't let this go to waste
Give it everything you got
No one said it'd be enough
Heavy heart and headless rage
All the world was just a stage
Say the words to turn the page
'Til there's no one left to play

You got used

All your thoughts get in the way
And that voice still sounds the same
But a spirit can be saved
So you pray and pray and pray
Sharp as nails and dumb as grass
Steal your lunch and sell it back
Light the match and throw the flame
Leave the rest all up to fate

You got used

And you know it's your fault
Begging for what you want.


You Could

And the sky lit gold
Heaven restored
As the world fell to its knees.
You sat by my side
Taking the sight
But I only watched it leave.

'Cause I'm never sure
If you're the one
And I need to be complete.
Always rise and fall
And holding on
Never stop and waiting and see.

But you could say it's alright
You could
You could reach me tonight
You could

I am over-thought, carefully taught
I am barely what I seem.
I get sold and bought
Tongue-tied in knots just to say
What I believe

All these songs of love
You'd think I'd know
It is not enough to bleed.
Gotta rise above the precious stuff
Gotta just say what I mean

But you could say it's alright
You could
You could reach me tonight
You could

And as the night fell on us
And chimneys filled the air
You stood on the surface
So clear

'Cause you could say it's alright
You could
You could reach me tonight
You could


Hold On and Hope

And all these tears won't stop the rain
slipping down that windowpane.
You can hate it but you can't erase
this stretch of time

So hold on and hope

Every storm must have its day,
Sometimes love just fades away.
You should know it's all a stage,
Let 'em down

And hold on and hope
Just hold on and hope


The River

Watch the river flow,
It calls you to the edge.
And deep inside you know,
You're falling for yourself

And you can't stop
And you can't run

The river has no law,
Nothing will set it right.
It pulls you down below, you know,
Because you have to fight

And you can't win
If you can't swim
And you can't start
When you can't stop


The Sign Was Everywhere

In the wild
there grew time
for certain signs
to spring to mind
A velvet wind
to draw you in
across the field
beyond a bend
The august deer
to hold your stare
You were chaste
But not prepared
As all the trees
reached out for you
You were free
You had sprung anew

But then a rain
cold as sin
Told you what
a mess you're in
This loss of time
That thoughtless climb
The path that wouldn't
quite seem right
And as you succumbed
it came too clear
Mistakes were made
to lead you here
A falcon call
shot through the air
The sign was there
It was everywhere

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